Terms of Use

These Terms of Use, Sales Conditions and Privacy Policy, regulen el lloc web humoramarillo.cat i la compra a través del mateix, whose ownership corresponds to Anigami Aventura SL.

Anigami Aventura SL is a limited liability company domiciled in Mas Les Comes, Ctra C-153, km 18,7 The Squirrel 08511 (Catalonia) and is registered in the Census organizers of sporting activities in the natural environment in number C57, amb el NIF B63178636 i adreça de correu electrònic info@anigami.cat i segons estipula el Decret 56/2003 from 20 February the Government of Catalonia has a liability policy.

These conditions set out the rights and obligations of all users Anigami Aventura SL, en relació amb els productes i serveis que s’ofereixen a través del lloc web www.humoramarillo.cat.



You agree, general, to use www.humoramarillo.cat, a adquirir els productes i a utilitzar cadascun dels serveis de www.humoramarillo.cat de conformitat amb la llei i allò establert en aquestes Condicions Generals, and must refrain from using them in any way that may impede, causar danys o deteriorar el normal funcionament de www.humoramarillo.cat per part dels usuaris o que pogués lesionar o causar danys als béns i drets d’Anigami Aventura SL, els instructors o personal que participen de www.humoramarillo.cat, other users or any third.

The client states to be in good health and have suitable clothing and footwear for the activity. Otherwise notify any irregularity at the time of the booking to take appropriate action..


Anigami Aventura SL garanteix una disponibilitat mínima de tots els productes oferts a www.humoramarillo.cat.

Anigami Aventura SL garanteix que els preus dels productes oferts a www.humoramarillo.cat han estat fixats cada temporada i exposats el web .

Anigami Adventure Inc. reserves the right to decide, at all times, els productes que s’ofereixen als usuaris a través de www.humoramarillo.cat. In particular, Anigami Aventura SL may at any time add new products and allow easier access or use, without notice, de qualsevol dels diferents productes que s’ofereixen a www.humoramarillo.cat.

Els productes inclosos a www.humoramarillo.cat corresponen de la forma més fidel possible que permet la tecnologia de visualització en web als productes efectivament oferts.

Anigami Aventura SL es reserva el dret de suprimir de www.humoramarillo.cat qualsevol comentari o opinió dels usuaris que sigui contrari a la legalitat vigent, especially in cases that violate the rights and freedoms of the person.


To make a reservation must meet the minimum participation indicated in each case and formalize the payment-reservation Prè 30% the total value of the commands. The rest of the payment will be made in cash, before reralitzar activity, once the site of the activity personata.

Having confirmed the payment order, Aventura SL Anigami soon send an email to the user confirming the purchase.

El pagament dels productes oferts a www.humoramarillo.cat s’efectua mitjançant targeta bancària o transferència bancària mitjançant plataformes digitals de tercers.

No disposem de servei de pagament amb targeta; l’import pendent s’haurà de fer en efectiu abans de l’inici de l’activitat.


The activity will be void·up to 5 days before and may recover 100% the amount of the advance.
If it is lower than at any time 5 dies, Anigami retindrà l’import de la bestreta, you can use the date you want for the same or another activity within a maximum period of one year.

Either Override·lació d’un servei per part d’ Anigami, or be refunded 100% money or be offset by similar activity.

and s'anul·the service once initiated activity, will be charged 100% of the total.
If a customer stops making activity for injury or illness, will be refunded 100% Money him and a companion if you need company.


You can override·up to a meal reserved 48 hours before service. any overrides·installation in less than these 48 hours will have a surcharge of 3 € / meal.


For any incident, claim or exercise of their rights, l’usuari pot enviar un correu electrònic a info@anigami.cat o trucar al telèfon d’assistència 717 192 044 Monday to Friday 8:00 to 19:00.


Tots els elements de humoramarillo.cat i de cadascun dels productes, marks, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content and software used in relation to them are protected by intellectual property rights·property and industrial Anigami Aventura SL or third parties.



Anigami Aventura, S. L., and as head of the data, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from 27 d 'April 2016 (RGPD) on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data, and the law 34/2002, d’ 11 July, services of information society and e-commerce (LSSICE), announces that it has implemented the necessary security measures, of technical and organizational, to secure and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data entered.

Anigami Aventura SL treat the data with utmost confidentiality, without making assignments or communications to third parties apart from those indicated by current regulations. Anigami Aventura SL may make submissions, even by electronic means, commercial communications and promotional offers and contests. simultaneously, the user can at any time exercise their rights of access, correction, opposition and cancellation·installation of data addressing Anigami Aventura SL, a través de l’adreça de correu electrònic info@anigami.cat.


Anigami Aventura SL uses cookies to improve its services, easy navigation, maintain security, verify the user's identity, facilitar l’accés a les preferències personals i seguir el seu ús a www.humoramarillo.cat . Cookies are files installed·lats hard disk of the computer or in the browser memory.

If users do not want installed·you a cookie on your hard drive, must configure their Internet browser to not receive them. Equally, the user can freely destroy cookies. If the user decides to disable cookies, the quality and speed of service and may decrease, even, pot perdre l’accés a alguns dels serveis oferts per www.humoramarillo.cat.

10.- FUR

The user Anigami Aventura SL are subject to conflict resolution, the courts of the registered user or of Anigami Aventura SL .

Per a la contractació dels serveis d’Anigami Aventura SL caldrà acceptar aquestes clàusules o bé debatre-les abans de l’inici del servei, So if contracting services, will be accepted by.


The trust of our customers is a fundamental value in humoramarillo.cat is why you never abused her and that scrupulously respects your privacy. L’objectiu de humoramarillo.cat és facilitar les compres als seus clients, these are the most agile, safe and satisfactory possibilities. To achieve this, we usually·ask you some personal data, that conservation and protection with maximum zeal.

Of course, We also like to take your contact to propose Occasionally some commercial advantages or announce promotions for purchases are more frequent, gather information to personalize and facilitate navigation, or statistical purposes to help us be more competitive.
Similarly, hope our customers are also honest with us and to help us achieve our goal, providing us with the necessary data correctly, Full i need.

This is the summary of our commitment and the basis of our Privacy Policy. For more details, we invite you to continue reading. We hope to be drafted with utmost clarity.


Who is responsible for the processing of my data?

Tota la informació de caràcter personal recollida a www.humoramarillo.cat és incorporada en una base de dades responsabilitat de Anigami Aventura S.L. , Owner of the website www.humoramarillo.cat.

Anigami Aventura S.L., és una empresa registrada a Espanya amb el NIF B63178636 i amb domicili al Mas Les Comes, Ctra C153, km18,7 Squirrel 08511 (Barcelona) Catalonia.

What kind of data is collected?

Les dades recollides són de dos tipus: Data provided by the user and data collected automatically while browsing.

If personal data are collected directly and confidentially user, through various forms available on the site, or even freely through messages sent by the user to any of the contact details published. These data are: adreça de correu electrònic, first and last name, billing addresses, Contact number, only some of which are indispensable for the service.

In the case of data collected automatically, are the following: IP Access; device (computer, telèfon mòbil o tablet), operating system and browser used; i registre de visites i historial de navegació obtinguts mitjançant cookies pròpies i de tercers.

For what purpose my data be used?

L’adreça de correu electrònic registrada per a subscriure a la Newsletter de www.humoramarillo.cat serà utilitzada únicament per enviar-li els butlletins amb ofertes i promocions, novetats i tota mena de notícies relacionades amb el món de l’oci i els productes en venda a www.humoramarillo.cat.

Les adreces de correu electrònic registrades per enviaments a l’estranger a www.humoramarillo.cat seran utilitzades únicament per enviar aquesta informació al destinatari indicat.

The e-mail address registered to place an order, as well as other personal data necessary to provide the requested service·bid (process your order according to the specified characteristics), només s’utilitzaran amb aquesta finalitat i per mantenir al client informat sobre l’estat de les seves comandes realitzades a www.humoramarillo.cat, to bring to their attention any aspect shopping, subscriptions or service with all your personal data, like for example, warn of possible errors of data or services, o informar-li d’una actualització del reglament de protecció de dades. As a complement to the main provision of the service, www.humoramarillo.cat also use your email to send you, controllably i punctual, some commercial advantages and complementary services, use which may be opposed at any time without affecting the main purpose.

In case cap, cap d’aquestes dades seran cedides a tercers a excepció d’aquells amb els quals www.humoramarillo.cat mantingui un contracte vigent necessari per a complir el contracte, in other words that is, plataformes de pagament i empreses de transport. Anigami Aventura S.L., taken in each of these cases, the necessary measures to ensure the data privacy of its users during their treatment at the hands of others.

L’adreça IP d’accés és utilitzada per oferir a l’usuari el servei més adequat en funció de la seva àrea geogràfica durant la navegació i per recollir informació amb finalitats estadístiques pròpies de www.humoramarillo.cat per tal de millorar els seus serveis. This data will not be ceded to third parties, excepte en el cas d’elaborar un anàlisi de risc de frau per a les transaccions amb targetes bancàries

El coneixement d’alguns aspectes tècnics implicats en la navegació de www.humoramarillo.cat (device, operating system and browser used) used to adapt our services to each user and for statistical purposes, in any case is provided to third parties.

La informació recollida mitjançant cookies durant la navegació és utilitzada amb diverses finalitats (veure Política de cookies):

– to identify the user, retain their decisions, allow a complete purchase process and offer a more personalized navigation on our site; no és possible realitzar una comanda en www.humoramarillo.cat tenint bloquejades les cookies del lloc.
per fer un seguiment de les visites i recopilar un historial de navegació que permeti a determinats proveïdors de serveis externs o empreses de publicitat oferir continguts personalitzats de www.humoramarillo.cat en visitar altres llocs que admetin publicitat; aquestes galetes no són necessàries per a realitzar comandes en www.humoramarillo.cat, contain no personal information and can avoid them by changing the settings on your browser, marking never accepting third-party cookies.

I refuse to provide me some of my personal data?

A www.humoramarillo.cat se li demanaran poques dades i la majoria d’elles són indispensables per prestar el servei ofert i sol·required by the user. The optional data are indicated as such, and its purpose, and in these cases did not indicate if they want them.

My data transferred to third parties?

Generally, your data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, or unless legally required to complete the service contract, as indicated above and always in a controlled, yielding only the essential data in each case before us and ensuring that comply with current legislation on data protection.

If the user to use our pages to recommend any of the products published to one of your contacts, l’usuari ha de saber que www.humoramarillo.cat inclourà la seva adreça com a remitent de la informació amb la finalitat que el destinatari sàpiga de qui procedeix la recomanació rebuda.

Can I modify or delete my data?

As owner of the data, the user has access right, correction, portability and removal of personal data; Also right to limit or oppose their treatment. This means that at any time the user can access to see what data we keep, correct or delete-all-the, either, as appropriate, directly from the private area of ​​My Account, configurant les preferències de cookies del seu navegador o sol·licitant-bé per correu electrònic a l’adreça de info@anigami.cat.
As data holder is entitled to one·order a copy of all the information collected and received it in an accessible format.

And, then contact us, received no reply within marked by law (10 dies) or you consider that the response has been inadequate, also have the right to appeal to the public service of the Spanish Data Protection Agency to demand.

The right to cancel·Installation involves locking the data at first, so that the data are no longer covered but are available to the public or judicial authorities for investigation of possible liabilities for the period in which they were treated. In the case of data related to orders invoiced, term conservation is 6 years after cancellation·Account Setup or removal of each of these data from the private client area; en el cas dels correus subscrits únicament a la Newsletter de www.humoramarillo.cat, the deadline is 2 years from the date on which service was terminated. After those deadlines, the data will be deleted. El termini de conservació de la informació recollida mitjançant cookies pròpies o de tercers dependrà de la configuració del navegador de l’usuari.

The right to cancel·Policy may not exercise until it has been completed for the fulfillment of a contract, in other words that is, the service; for example, for single·bid cancellation·Setup an account, must be delivered or returned last requested, or cancel·Install data card, have completed any subscription agreement in which these data were linked.


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If you continue browsing, consider that you accept its use. Pots obtenir més informació a la nostra Política de Cookies.



The website uses cookies HUMORAMARILLO.CAT. We want to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies we use, details below, it is a cookie, what is it for, What kind of cookies we use, What is its purpose and how to configure or disable if you wish.


A “Cookie” is a small file that is stored on the user's computer, tablet, smartphone or other device with information on navigation.

Some of these “cookies” are essential for the proper functioning of the web, without them it is impossible to make a purchase.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet, providing innumerable advantages in providing interactive services, facilitating navigation and usability of our website.

Under no circumstances cookies may harm your computer. On the other hand, which are active helps us to identify and resolve errors.


According to the entity that manages:

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According to its purpose:

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Purpose of each of Cookies:

Below own cookies on our website.

We use a unique encrypted cookie to store all session information, for visitors / customers to improve their seguirdad. This persistent cookie and a technique to store the necessary data to enable navigation in progress and could make a purchase on-line.

A HUMORAMARILLO.CAT utilitzem Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google, which allows the measurement and analysis of browsing web pages. Al teu navegador podràs observar 4 cookies d’aquest servei. According to the previous type is own cookies, Login and analysis. Pots trobar més informació al respecte i inhabilitar l’ús d’aquestes cookies a www.google.es/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html .

Through web analytics obtain information on the number of users accessing the web, the number of page views, the frequency and repeat visits, duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the language , The terminal uses, or city to which is assigned the IP address. Information that enables a better and more appropriate service by this portal.

NOTE: Aquesta llista s’actualitzarà amb la major celeritat possible a mesura que canviïn els serveis del lloc web oferts en el mateix. However, occasionally during the update may not include the list as a cookie, but always refers to cookies purposes identical to those recorded in this list.

How can you configure or disable cookies?

can afford, block or delete cookies installed · pre-installed on your computer by configuring your browser options. En cas permetis not the instal · installation of cookies on your browser may not be able to access some of the services that your experience at our site may be less satisfactory.

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